The L4D Gang Contemplate a Pair of Dead Bodies.

Not a hard guess to who the other is.


“But who are these? Four more lives to save? I’ll keep my eye on you, more than that I cannot promise…”

Nice work.

A Ravenholm L4D campaign would be so awesome!

All you have to do is port the Ravenholm maps into Left 4 Dead and then fix loads of bugs and you will be getting there.

What map is this? It looks really nice.

It’s CS_assault.

My guess was Chicago Ted at first.

“Ahahahahaha!” Nice. We need a Grigori-esqe charachter for L4D.

Ahem. cs_assault_night

Can I procure a link?

epic picture there.


Loved Grigori in the background.

“He looks like the bartender down from my street”
“Reminds me of my highschool friend”
“I think he worked at my office before.”