The L4D Gang encounter a Witch

Bill: “Everybody quiet, Witch ahead!”
Louis: “Oh shit! We’ll never make it.”
Francis: “I’ll take care of this one.”
Zoey: “Don’t do it Francis. You’ll be ripped to shreds!”[/media]

Alternate angle

Might as well give notes a try.

•All in game editing.
•Not my best or favorite screenshot.
•Red lighting is supposed to be like when you find a Witch in game.
•Forgive me for the shitty commentary :v:

1st pic:
•Bill’s left foot is clipping through the floor.
•I don’t like the way Francis’ left leg or his back is posed.
•Louis’ left foot is clipping as well.
•Zoey looks strange at this angle.

2nd pic:
•Louis isn’t actually supposed to be staring at that microphone.
•Zoey is supposed to be looking at Francis.

Second camera angle is better I think because the depth-of-field is nice.

Looks nice - DoF is good

cool i like the second angle

Bill holding an Fn fal
one of my dreams came through

Could be an L1A1.

Sorry Chesty, but it’s a FN FAL :smug: It’ll be in Wystan’s thread sometime soon.

Curses. I thought it might be Millenia’s L1A1 for Insurgency (can’t remember who did the model).

Aren’t they going the wrong way? :stuck_out_tongue:

Indeed they are.

Nice. I like it.

Just shoot the bit- er witch.