The L4D team running from their worse enemy.

They are scared of a bin? Or watermelon?

Hahaha nice posing mang, I would tell you to show the dinosaur a bit more but I know those models are fucking big and hard to work with.

Reminds me of a pose that had a crocodile instead of the t-rex.

What dinosaur?

I can’t tell if you are being sarcastic, or you are simply blind.

I keep thinking that Nick and Ellis are holding hands.

I had Nick holding Ellis at first but it looked stupid so I changed it.

I didn’t think about that until you said that.

Bill and coach are dead because they are physically inferior. louis and the other chick is dead because of racism. Racist.

Ellis is as good as dead since Nick is a con man, and that he is far superior than him.

Pleas work on your posing. The Dof is good. And that Dino wont follow them into that thight spot.

Haha, cool. I like it.

“The L4D team running from their worse enemy.” nice spelling and nick is running a bit weird

Lol Francis looks constipated.

What’s wrong with my posing exactly?


That beasts roar alone would make you :wink:

My ode to Bill