The L4D1 + L4D2 survivors had some short break in the middle

I had some time to kill so I came up with this. Took me about 2 hours to get everything done. But anyway, C&C what do you think about it. It would be better if you guys comment about the posing :slight_smile: But please DO NOT be mean.

What’s up with that Bill skin?

Fuck yeah, that chrome m4 of bill. c:

I lol’d at Louis.

i detect a lack of peels.

nice pic

Where could one find the pack containing the L4D2 stuff?

Awww Zoey and Ellis. Love is in the air. Cozy pic. Artistic is served.

Nick:I’ll give you 20 bucks if you drink it.
Francis:Then put the money down 'cuz you are going down too!
Nice pic :wink:
I lol’s at Coach xD “My newest invention:FIRE!” xD

It’s the beta skin. I kinda like this one more. :slight_smile:

Zoey and Ellis?


Zoey and Nick more like it, they make a badass team.

I’m still working on that thinking how to pose them.

Nick is laughing at Francis for accidentally drinking boomer vomit, but what Nick doesn’t know is he’s drinking a Molotov. :supaburn:

I think of them as partners in crime, Bonnie and Cylde sorta.

I plan to do a pose styled like that eventually.

Bill looks stupid, looks like a shitty mspaint skin, other than it looks cozy

Some reason I never like the relationships that people come up with.

I laughed at everything else though.

Usually cause they are “obvious” matches.

I.E. people would think Zoey and Ellis because they are around the same age.

edit: Or Ro and Louis cause they are both black.

i see the skybox.

Very nice scene-build! General posing looks ok, although you could tweak the faceposing a little, unless you meant it to be that way. :slight_smile:

Which is one of the reasons why I don’t like them.

Well Ben its better than the other ones some people made… like Francis and Ellis and Louis with Nick lol