The L4D2 crew in their rescue vehicle


Thread music:

Music got spammed in some server and I got mental image of this.

I tried to give it that sunny-tropic like look like in the music clip of the song
Aww, Ro fell off goddammit! :eng99:

I made it my desktop and replaced the windows startup sound with that song :science:
Instant win cuz now I’ll be happy when I see the Vista interface :eng101:

Edit again:
I realized Chesty gave up commenting on my threads :v:

EDit n.3 :
I want to break my record and get 57+ funnies :buddy:

I lol’d

Ohhh Rochelle when you will learn!

Nick looks badass with this big ass radio.


Epic idea with the startup shit lol

Lol, that’s why you posted the link to that song on steam.

Ahahahahaha, the music just makes the pic.

Fucking epic.

Hahaha, Awsum :v:

well, if you want you can make it your startup backround(replacing the blue, aura one) using loginstudio vista

just a suggestion, and it looks nice…

Die, Rochelle, die!

Rochelle makes this pic for me, heh!

And I had that one Dope’s song playing when I read your comment…

Damn Nick that is one hell of a ghetto-blaster!
Splash effect could be a little better, it’s just spray no wave.
And Ellis is freaking awesome


Fucking incredible

This made me laugh. A funny for you!

This is amazing.

Nick had the faceposing standard like that so I didn’t change it at all :razz:

Thanks for the comments people, but I want to break my record of 57 funnies! Help me :buddy:
(What is the general record of the most funnies in this section overall if anyone knows? I might have broken it with my 57 already :smiley: )

The spanish inquisition, it had at least 100+ funnies and like 25 artistics.

Oh dammit :Dawkins102:

I’m halfway to reach the spanish inquisition funny level in 2 threads though :science:

Rochelle drowning makes this picture an insta-win.
Now I want this for REAL.