The L4D2 gang in an armed confrontation with CEDA fags.

Dem CEDA guys are no match for the gang!

I imagined it more epic style :confused: It kinda fails.
And its uber mega widescreen.
And Many thanks to Slayer for helping me out fixing my faceposer!
And Ro is dead becuz she made a bad joke.

Comments please. (And smileys or wood because I need to build a village and I need people and wood for that!~) (Dammit not boxes >.<)

Huh, I didn’t know CEDA was an elite band of American mercenaries…

Lol what the hell.

I lol’ed at Ellis.

Nice posing mate, funny delivered.

anybody else noticed on the side of the ceda trailers,theres 4 words which spells D.E.A.D.?


People knew that since the demo actually.

Well you’ll need a wrench to put it together

^And a clock to wake up everymorning! and know when you need to eat and stuff.

Í have like, a brilliant idea:
My next pose will be my of only the resources I get in this thread :eng101:
That means my next pose will contain a box, 4 ragdolls and a wrench right now :science:

(OP ratings only)

I rated you a heart :smug:

That means an…

Companion cube!

What if someone rates you Optimistic? :open_mouth:




Also back to more comments noa!

V This optimistic won’t count for the pose since its not rated to OP.


Coach got armuh… Have funny.

The picture made me laugh, especially Ellis noogieing the CEDA douche-bag. I do however think that you should have inflated Coach’s helmet a tad more a noclipped it so that it doesn’t look so much like Coach is hiding a shameful conehead.

Good work none-the-less though.

Cue final fantasy Music
ELIS uses Noogy!
CEDA AGENT is immune to Noogy!
Have a funny.

Find me a cheeseburger or serve your sentence.

CEDA’s not the army, they’re just scientists and doctors that were trying to help contain the “Green Flu”.

Uber mega wide angle that looks baad :stuck_out_tongue:

The posing looks solid, but instead of zooming out, go backwards, and zoom in, then crop it :stuck_out_tongue: