The Laboratories map update (still in progress)

Hello! I’d like to show you all the improved version of the map, The Laboratories.


  • Doors have frames
  • Lab styled doors
  • Texture Fixes
  • More overall detail
  • Fixed bugs
  • Better lab rooms
  • ‘‘Airtight’’ Door open and close sounds
  • Fog
  • Added that russian Military touch
  • Alarm sounds
  • Ambient sounds, backround noise

That looks pretty good. I do like the shallow water covering the floor.
Where did you get the kitchen stuff models in the second screenshot from? Would love to have that.

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The ceiling in the corridor seems to be a bit too dark though, is that a lighting glitch or just not enough lights/dark texture?

The textures and props are from GoldenEye: Source.
All credit goes to the staff.
If you like them, i recommend you to play the game :wink:
(im not trying to advertise lol)

Yeah, it’s a light.rad glitch i guess.
I gotta fix that.

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next I’m going to add some pipes which leak water and some wires :smiley:

Not bad. too bad just looking at the pictures of the map make my laptop cry. wonder how bad it will do LOADING the map :v:

Hahaha, it isn’t actually than just 7.39 MB.

But it does have HDR and stuff so…

is that the doom 3 flashlight

Haha yeah, it is! :slight_smile:
i had that when i took the screenshot.
But it isn’t from the map tho, it’s an addon.

There are a lot of texture errors and the brushwork is quite bland, your fog isn’t accurate and your lighting could also use some work. However, it has a nice charm to it. It’s the sort of map you would find on a random rotation of a Zombie Master server, I think and I like it. The water looks nice and the general atmosphere is good, although it’d help if you told us what the map was for, I assume it’s something zombie-related because that’s the vibe it gives me. Just work on some improvements to detail and it’ll look much better.

It still needs some work in order to make it look good:
The ceiling is black and it doesn’t receive enough light.
Those labs and hallways nees floor&ceiling trims (brushwork ones or built in texture ones).
Windows needs frames and some dividing beams.

The ceiling is black propably because of a light.rad glitch, i need to fix that, and i forgot to add the frames on windows while i made the frames on doors. lol

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It’s meant to be a horror/zombie map.
There’s 2 screamers already hehe but i removed some of the zombies on the labs to give that haunted feeling.
I was planning to remove that wall on the left and add a railing there and make below a second lab hallway.

You seem to have just added more questions than answers…why is the floor flooded, why is there blood in the lab. Why is an out of order door lying on the ground? Why the russian properganda, when the warning signs are in english?

Floor is flooded because…there’s a flood.
There’s blood in the lab because there was a zombie.
The door is lying because the door is…broken (duh)
Russian propaganda because it’s a soviet base in Soviet Union.
And warning signs are in english because THE MAP IS ON BETA!