The Ladder Update has helped the game tremendously

I think this has really helped the game for defensive players. Without the need for ladder defenses, you no longer need a massive base with tons of anti-ladder defense and a strong core. Just build a decent 3x4x3, and store shit at the top. Its great for new players, solo players, and small groups. For bigger groups, it increases the cost of raiding, but it also allows them to create massive fortresses that are unstoppable. It changes the dynamic in a good way. IMO, the only thing we’re really missing at this point is the ability to convert metal frags in HQM.

GG Facepunch.

Seriously ladders were OP for base raiding.

The ladder ledges were a waste most of the time.

Can you place em on building blocked rocks to get up on those pesky rock bases?

I build a raid tower with signs and get on top of your house. 2C4 and i have the jackpot.

I’m all game for this, as I’m a builder and defensive player. Does this mean “unraidable” elevator towers are back in!?

Uh no. If the server has stability set to true you remove the foundation and the building crashes to the ground.

What we need is lock pick and some sort of hacking device. The hacking device would work on keypad and since batteries are already in the game it gives them a use.

what the fux this makes bases unraidable. unless you have a human pyramid

Here you see the wild newman, unable to find a way to raid without unbalanced equipment.

But seriously, bases are still very much raidable.

it was time they fixed this ! With ladders, base were so easy to raid… break through the first floor with 4-5 C4, then break your way up with pickaxes and ladders … Now you gotta use tons of c4 !