The Lady and the Mauser

hi here’s a thing i did, i’ll just leave it here

some resistance fighters checking out their gear while they prepare to slip out of the city and stuff

ok bye

Mausers are beautiful rifles.

Just like this picture is a beautiful picture.

The ends of her hair look pretty bad like it isn’t interacting with the shoulders at all.

shadows and cloth shading are amazing

I see a bit of clipping on left hand.

Where? I can’t see any

Her pinky finger looks like it’s going into the rifle.

Great picture. Nice shadows you got there. Really smooth and flowing.

That sexy hair.
I love it.

I dont know, but editing make scene like FEAR1 graphic for some reasons, which is good. It looks depth and strong shadow. I like the pants and hair edit. Good pic.

2 guys surround an unsuspecting woman

I like where this is going


Very nice picture. Even if the chick looks ugly. I guess she’s supposed to.

That black dude is all like “TITS…”

don’t make the hair so sharp when all the models are really low-poly and the textures are like 512x512

cool posing though

Their clothes are so wrinkly, Are they made of flayed smurf skin?

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Great effect with the hair! the lighting is a bit simple, but works perfectly for the scene!

I’m fairly sure it’s not, it’s just a combination of weird finger meshes and angle. I was pretty careful to avoid clipping.

Don’t really like the way her hand is posed. Gives me a wibe she’s trying to play a guitar. That and the black guy’s foot is clipping with the sofa.

Other than that and what the others have said, I like it.

I don’t like the cloth effects at all, but the rest of the editing rules.

e: Just noticed the star of david necklace, rad touch.

Beautiful hair.