The Lament Configuration-Needs to be Compiled for Source

I recently got into watching the “Hellraiser” films, and for fun I decided to quickly model and texture a copy of the ever-recurring element from the series, the mysterious Lemarchand’s puzzle box, Also more well known as the Lament Configuration.

The model is in FBX format and includes a texture, normal, and spec map. If you are interested in compiling this model for source please let me know through a Personal Message and I will send it to you.

wrong button, you chose release instead of request

Would it count as a release if I just posted the model?

that’s debatable. you’d be releasing it but this is a source game and it’s not source ready. doesn’t really matter at this point.

Okay, if a mod could change the tag to “request” that would be great.

Also I’ll see if I can find a hosting site for the model…