The Land of Minecraft (Interactive Comic)

What do you do.

Uninstall game.

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and tell your lover “brb” and leave for an hour and a half or two to go fap


tell your wife youre pregnant and then proceed to have the baby launched out of your mangina and into her earlobes

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im a dentits


Kill your wife with the plant, drag her body to a computer store, tell her she 404’d, and while they are distracted, steal a better computer so you can handle the badass graphics.

Then install and continue

Realize how bad of a troll you are and shoot yourself in the head.

Not my fault butthurter was the only person to post on a thread that had potential

Lock your wife in the room with no windows, steal her computer and reinstall Minecraft, after that go chop some wood.

Sing romantic love songs to your wife to win back her heart.

Will start the series from scratch now.

Stop making interactives and make a real comic with a real storyline.

Take your adderall

Realise he’s not trolling.


Way to necro an old thread, genius :saddowns:

Realize how bad your comics look when edited with MSpaint.