The Last Adventure of Gimli in Middle Earth - a delightful story.

Today was one of those Saturdays. This thing is huge, might need to wait for it to load. I was inspired by the previous thread i made with Gimli and his cute little car.

Dwarven Thinking Intensifies
That’s just outstanding.

My sides are no longer of this world.
Thank you for this experience.

Even without speechbubbles, this is the best Garry’s Mod comic released in 2014 so far.

I mean it.

(Though I wanna be nitpicky here and say I think if you keep a strong grasp - something Gimli definitely has - on a grenade after releasing the pin, it doesn’t actually detonate. But I’m no expert and whatevs)

Oh my God, that was hilarious. I couldn’t stop laughing when Gimli shot him in the nuts. Thank you so much for making my day.

the moment with “THIS GON BE GOOD” made me fall off the chair
great job!

I laughed so hard, I’m pretty sure my neighorhoods are going to give me weird looks tomorrow. Honest!

This is absolutely hilarious, I couldn’t stop laughing for quite a while!


Oh my God.

Not bad.

As a person who has never watched Lord of the Rings before,I had a hard time understanding what the story and the characters were about.

But I still thought it was pretty funny. Bloody brilliant pacing and the fact that the entire scene is scenebuilt adds to the awesome factor. Good job.

LMAO, absolutely loved it CK!

I love this and I love you.

still good after all these years

The best comic I ever read! I am still laughing! Nice work! :v:

Posing is really nice. But better camera angle could made this look better.

You’ve still got it! I remember reading and enjoying your comics ages ago.


That was great.

This is the first thing I’ve read that’s made me laugh in a good while keep it up man.