The Last Bullet


his arm looks like it’s in a really uncomfortable position, but everything else is great

Editing is great but his arm looks weird as hell.

Sweet lighting and angle.

Only major flaw is the thumb’s massive clipping with the pistol.

What the model?

He’s twisting it, kill shoit, kill shot!

holy SHIT

Oh my god that is awesome. Do you have the original?

“Absolutely brilliant.”

우석석우석님 멋쮬,

holy Crap This is Awesome!..

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Plz Don’t use a Korean… are you idiot?

우석님 역시 멋집니다 ㅋ

english, motherfuckers, do you speak it?

That’s fucking brilliant.
My only qualm is that the raindrops are too small for a shot this close up.

The rest is beautiful, and I really, really love the angle.

where the fuck did all these Koreans come from

look watch they’re gonna start shitposting about hotdogs in a second

당신은 비열한하고 잔인한 있습니다