The Last Flight out of City 17

Why is it on fire. Wait why is it?

Stuffing around with smoke and fire again.

Ugh the tv chromatic whatever-the-fuck-it’s-called thingy looks bad

everything else is alright though


at least thats what they told us at pre-school film studies

The smoke looks more like a smear across the page instead of a trail because ot doesn’t exactly match the angle at which the plane is moving. The setup itself is nice, but the editing what needs work.

Yeah, I couldn’t find a good way to make it seem like it was coming from the citadels direction.

Oh yeah forgot to welcome you back last time, so there you go.


The fire and smoke look turrible. It’s still a nice pic, though.

Oh well I fucked it up but won it I suppsoe

The perspective on the smoke is really bad but I quite like the rest of it.

I think the smoke from the Citadel looks nice, but as said, from the plane, it needs work.

The plane smoke and fire needs work.