"The last glimpse" A man's last thoughts before dyieng.


The beautiful story was written by ChestyMcgee, I only turned into a picture ^^

So very… sniff poetic…

Thanks for using my short story. Your editing has vastly improved - the smoke, gore, smoke, hair and “m” are all well done.

was that story from the “Stories to Screenshots” thread that died off?

and nice pic :smiley:

That’s fucking awesome

A man’s last thoughts before dyieng.

Oh there is a spelling mistake in the first line (my bad). Should be “though” not “thought”.

2 bad spellings… Oh great, my spelling always destroys my pictures :eng99:
Thanks for the comments tho :slight_smile: I’m glad you guys liked it :smiley:

Edited the “though” word on the op Chesty.

I liked it a lot… Wonderfully executed… Have a palette :slight_smile:

Holy shit, that’s awesome Santz

Great editing and wonderful pose.

The scene has a great atmosphere going. The posing is outstanding and the editing is awesome. This is over-all your best pose yet Santz.

Chesty, I have to say that your story was amazing.

Excellent posing and editing. Although IMO the wounds could look more like they’re surrounded by torn clothing and could use a larger proportion of blood.

I wouldn’t particularly call the story “amazing” myself, or a story for that matter. it’s pretty damn good but it’s just a single paragraph.

Yeah… I was really hoping it would stay alive :3

very fucking nice

I need to write more short stories, like Ben Wolfe does for a lot of his poses. It seems this one went down quite well.

Thanks for all the comments guys :smiley: hearts to all of you :slight_smile:

Hey Santz this looks pretty awesome!
My english is da shitz so I dont mind spelling mistakes :smile:
Picture has some great atmosphere tough those tracers are a bit fire-ish

101st airborne storming a beach? I like it but historically incorrect.

Well, those were the only WW2 related models I had :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the comments mates :slight_smile: