The last hope

A dramatic picture I made, sorry about the fact it’s on flatgrass, thought it up on the spot.

C&C please. (btw, no paint used :P)

MS Paint? Try using a better picture shopper, such as Photoshop or Gimp.

Though, the blood does look good for MS Paint.

It’s not mspaint you burke, it’s a terrible photoshop edit.

even if you “think it up on the spot” try and put some effort into loading a worthy map before making your pose

because no excuse is good when you use flatgrass or construct
unless you do scenebuilds

any ways its all terrible…try looking up tutorials for photoshop and dont use picnik…only use it for film grain and filters

Obvious troll is obvious.

When I looked at the pose and the shitty photoshop edit, I went :haw: and when I looked at the text I went :byodood:.

First time that I saw a Paint bloody effect, wonderful :stuck_out_tongue:

I fucking laughed, a lot.

Oh my he spilled his over-watered Kool-Aid on himself, Like the blur and the words, but should a dead mans eyes be a little closed looks like his eyes were focused, or he saw my sister

I’ll take what everyone here has said into account. Thanks for the C&C. Hope you all have a wonderful evening and remember kids, don’t take drugs.