The Last Man On Earth

Hah, I liked it. I didn’t see that coming, haha. You should have said something along the lines of “STOP RIGHT THERE, CRIMINAL SCUM!”


Haha I did not see that one coming

Saw it coming from a mile away.

‘‘Wait, wait! He is dead, I can’t possibly be stealing? This is stupid!’’
‘‘Then pay with your blood!’’

God damn you must have a gigantic monitor if you’re a mile away from it.

That guy’s a racist bastard.

Funny comic though. One of the speech boxes were a little off and a better font could’ve been chosen, but it’s good.

Heh. Didn’t see that coming.

Woah i didn’t see that coming at all, fucking nice.

Haha, great.

I wouldn’t have seen it coming if it weren’t for the second post. thanks a lot, archangel125.

just kidding, archangel.

Pay the court a fine or serve your sentence.

Haha great job

That was great, I chuckle at the guards of Oblivion. Every time.

Ha, didn’t expect that.

hahahahaha! excelent. i was really thinking this was going to be some great big comic about this guy…