The Last Megalodon

Full HD Size:

Scenebuild Pics:

from this:

it became:

Sharks are awesome

So is this picture, have a pallet.

:confused: img is broken for me all i can see is the thumbnail, just from that i know its beautiful

look here then: :slight_smile:

There are certainly not many underwater themed pictures made with Gmod, but I am always incredibly excited whenever I see one, the sheer beauty of the ocean, captured in an image. I love it.

Very convincing underwater scene,nice job. You deserve a “winner”

Beautiful. Wallpapered.

Very pretty!

My god it’d take me hours to to even figure out what props to use with something like this, let alone even start the scenebuild.

Easily part of the ‘Legends of Facepunch’ list.

No pussy anywhere. So alone and… horny…

Love the work Mask. Splendid scene:smile:

Gee Rastifan, be straight up enough about it. :v:

Yet another great work, Mask. Have a medal.

Sometimes I worry about you Rastifan

Rated informative because I now know you can’t take a simple joke.

is that a mudcrab?

nasty creatures

Rated you nothing because I now know you can not figure out what was also a joke or not

real nice as always

god, its soo excellent

oh fuck this is sexy

is that an actual map? or is it scene-build?

it’s a scenebuild on “gm_flatgrass_dark” v2.
(updated first post with scenebuild pics)