"The last moment" Soldier dying.



That’s a bit vague, now isn’t it?

Posing is good, but he needs some faceposing. It’d be better if he was reaching for something else too.

There is faceposing. Even though I did some faceposing, these models are incredibly hard to facepose.

The editing is great, but the L4D leg looks pretty bad.

blood. dismembered leg. baby. nobody helping him.

I agree on the blood, and the leg. The baby is just a small detail. Nobody is helping him, cuz they haven’t noticed him yet.

he’s going to rape the baby

Why does everyone use the stupid baby doll? It doesn’t make your screenshot any more powerful.

Teddy bear would have been better.

I haven’t seen any screenshots with the doll.

You should have posed his face.

Why did he bring a doll in a war?

where is the blood a pool would of been nice or some obvious blood showing he’s about to die…

it didn’t blow off, it just fell off mysteriously, hence why the torn off limb is laying right next to him.

It doubles as a grenade.

On topic. Posing is pretty good, and I like the effect on the edge of the blood, but the main area of the blood could look more liquidy. Maybe try throwing a plastic filter on it?

And yeah the blood on the gibb’d leg is pretty low rez.

Doesn’t feel very real to me.