The Last of Humanity; the Metro.

1080p -

I’ve never really made a group scenebuild/pose before, however, I think it turned out nicely.

Any comments or criticism on how I can improve would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

Updated the hair/brows on the guy against wall

It looks good. But you probably shouldn’t have used the same dude twice so close together.

one of them is a dark one spy
isn’t it obvious!?!??!?

I didn’t really think too much about that… I changed his hair color though, so now he’s like 20 years younger, haha. Doesn’t look quite as similar now?

here i made his eyebrows darker and gave him a radstache

Lol, I forgot about his eyebrows! Thanks, I quickly edited some on there, as well as a sick beard :smiley:

Nice one

Do you think I could improve it in any way? Btw, did you see the gnome? Haha

Oh hey its Daryl!
[sp]Back vendor leaning on wall smoking.[/sp]

Nah, what map is this though?