The Last of Us inspired Screenshots~

I wanted to wait until someone ported The Last of Us models, but I guess I got bored waiting. Anyway, all of these combined would have taken about an hour or so. :slight_smile:

Post your own, if you want, or go make sum.

Edit: ^That picture needed sum grain and higher contrasts. c;

Am I the only one who finds this genuinely scary?

His face, I know.


Filter rape is like your thing,Raptor Jesus.

I just don’t know, why he’s playing on violin like on guitar.

Nice pictures, filter rape tho. And I’m not sure that you can port from a PS3, seems difficult.

Pfft, I only had like 21 filters! c;


/me copyrights

That’ll be $50 and your first born, you slimy whore. :wink:

Damn. Not to bad. I have a few screen shots…

Would anyone like to see them?

One is of Heavy and Pyro sitting on a GBombs 4 missile.

Where’s Dean?