The Last One Alive +Bonus!

I’ve been out for a while, finally picked up a nice looking AOC 23" 1080p monitor yesterday and I have to say that once you use 1920x1080, you just can’t go back.
I haven’t used photoshop lately but I did my best, also let me know if the contrast is weird, my monitors contrast ratio is 50:1 so its a bit darker.

+Bonus, I made this a while ago

is the sky missing textures

I made the Bonus one on gm_black. I took a few screen shots of that scene, the sky was supposed to be shown with less pink but I’m not a professional with the sky tool.

you don’t need to be a goddamn professional, you only need to be not totally incompetent. if the sky is pink the lighting should be pink. if the lighting isn’t pink then why is the sky pink? THINK before DOING.

Try using monotonous grain next time, it tends to look less out of place. Good posing, strange lighting in the second one.