The last ones.

C&C appreciated.

This is fantastic! For me it’s great job. Have those models too but I have pink and black texture. Btw finally some WW1 themed work.

you need enhanced citizens

Pretty cool

Nice grunge edit. Isn’t that WWI:Source content?

Aha, thank you.

I like the grunge a lot on this pic, fits it perfectly. I feel as if it would look better greyscale or (i think it’s called) sepia, for age of course. Beautiful posing though.

Anybody have a link to these models or anything? I’m gonna fill up the WW1 poses void.

I can give you the complete list of what you need:
Necrovision ragdolls (require Enhanced citizens to see textures)

HD Lee Enfield

WW1 Source content (you can download this from ModDB)

Karabiner 98 Kurz from Red Orchestra 2:

Well,that’s pretty much all you need,now get out that and make a pose!

To my knowledge they were never officially released for GMod, just borrowed from the WWI:Source beta. You can download the content from their moddb page:

All this needs is that Old West theme they love to play with the whistling and the scene is complete.
Very excellent job!