The last Raven on his final mission (scenebuild)

Some random shit I did. Comments, crits, etc. please.

Holy hell what is that model?!

Wow, that looks pretty sweet!

nice, but a bit too empty on the right side of the screen

Model. Must have. that model.

did you get that from Exteel?

Rather empty, but cool scenebuild and that big robot, which I assume you made, is fucking awesome. Reminds me of a sort of sci-fi Shadow of the Colossus.

jizzed in my pants

Yeah, mech in the foreground is from Exteel.

I was going to add more (like the legions of stuff he had to kill to get that huge thing’s attention) but as always Gmod crashed before I could finish it. And since I can’t save for some reason (attempting to save just instantly crashes Gmod), I only have one shot at getting it right.

I knew I had seen that mech before! Used to play that.
Are you going to release the model(s)?

That model’s already been released, and it’s not mine.

Those models are in the pack DTmech released some days ago.



Oh really? Could you provide a link since search is gone?

That’s not a raven, that’s a robot.