The Last Stand - A Survival Gamemode

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Ok this game is basically a survival. This game is different from any other Garry’s Mod Zombie Survivals, now. This is ‘Over the Shoulder’. I made this gamemode over the shoulder because i put animations in and first person was cool and all but you wouldn’t get the full effect of the Melee unless you could really see your character pushing a zombie away rather than a gun just moving in first person, Like the Fallout RPG. Other reasons are, this game only allows you to hold 3 weapons. Your Sidearm (Pistol), Your Automatic (SMG), and a Special Weapon (Shotguns, RPG, Ect). It does have a custom Weapon Selection that uses only the mouse wheel, which is a lot easier to switch weapons IMO. Now, there are waves based on how much the server configures it to. The more waves. The better zombies, now each wave the zombies will get a health bonus. So if your going to be greedy and not upgrade your weapons, you will most likely die. Also, this is a** team based game** where players have to work together to survive. If a zombie hits you he will slow you down for a moment. But many zombies attacking you at once it a big fuck fest so you want a partner there to help you get them off your ass. Now, these zombies may look like regular HL2 Zombies, but the are SPNC’s. They are more optimized and the server can handle more without becoming a big lag fest.

(Please enable HQ for better quality!)

Commment: This is a Video of revesion 1. Most bugs (like non-ragdolling npc’s) are fixed.

Comment: This is how the dialogs will look like.

Annoyed Tree (Lua-Coding)
Gmod.biZ Community (Hosting Server, Ideas)
We need mappers! So if you can/want to map, please contact us!

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Is there an option where you can choose if your character stands left or right?

However i would prefer that he stands right, so if there´s not so an option, please fix it :>

I forwarded this to Annoyed Tree.

Looks much better then when I played with him. Good job.

Good idea, the only down-side is that HL2 Animations don’t support left handed people but I’ll make it a option

don’t tell me it is gonna be a lighthouse…

but it is a good idea

Animations fixed (they were broken on the dedicated Server) and added Voice Menu (maybe screens later)

UT3 The Haunted much? If not ok, but definate similarities between them…

Hey I made a map that I want To work with Last stand… I used gm_bigcity and turned it into an amazing map… for the hours I put into this map, when I started Last stand I noticed when I died I had no player model and I got stuck in the ground where I died after I spawned… Great map, great gamemode but annoying issue… can anyone send me the fixed player models for Last Stand? Also I will map for you guys but it takes a great deal of time to make the maps I am interested in… :slight_smile: thanks

Erm…“Mouse wheel weapon select only”? I’d like to say this is a terrible idea, as it is not everyone’s opinion that the mouse wheel is “easier”.

i dont start with weapons?! (f.eks. i choose medic then join game or something then i start with no weapons)

we talk about last stand 0.8 right?


in you can download some last stand maps:

Looks cool ! Also how about making theres not more zombies, but more stronger

Cool - the video is removed

“Hello, How many I help you today?” Should be, “Hello, how may I help you today?”

I stopped this project. Animations get fucked up if you’re not host.

I still have this in my gamemodes folder if anybody wants to look at it they can just ask and I can give them a copy

Sure, and what do you mean with fuck up?

Are you still working on your RP?

Nah the dude I was working for kept telling me to make it more like kuroScript so I just told him to dl it and load it up on his server.

Damn. I was looking forward to it.

I can release what I have