The Last Stand

Map: Dm_Overwatch

Super DoFed:

Non Super DoF:

This time, i directed my textures on high,
and tried everything to make textures look better.
But here they are.

Comments Please.

Very nice baby!

Why there is sparks on the air, near the muzzle flash of the CP’s gun?

Nice muzzle flash btw, also neat posing.

DOF looks kinda weird.

Well ill try to give some good critism…
Cant say much about the muzzleflash cause its ingame.
The sparks are floating thats not good.
the posing is actually pretty good.

How to improve:
Turn your graphics up
Dont spam blood(edit it in with photoshop or gimp)

Its not that bad.

Go into options > Video > advanced
Also put everything on high
Anti-aliase: 16x
reflect all world
and the image will be nice
nice job

It’s a good picture, just work on the dead metrocop, he looks kind of wierd.
Try keeping save files of your poses to allow you to incorporate suggestions.

Ok. Ill try keep theesee in mind tmorrow.

I Also want do an pic of me shooting combine but i need an personal skin.

If you want help me:

Go in there.