The last thing this survivor will see, atleast through human eyes.

C&C appreciated, this one was really fun to do.


Ratings and no comments make me a sad wallet :frowning:

I like it. You could add some blood-like stuff around the edges of the screen if you want.

Such fans

I thought about it, but then I realized that I am looking through someones eyes… not to often will blood land on your eyes and not just blur your vision into a red haze. I was thinking about maybe making like a dark red haze around the edges of the screen, but it looked like shit.

Why even post?

You hate everyones work but your own. Ergo, your opinion doesn’t matter.

Nice job, looks pretty scary. One of the worst ways to die on my list

I was referring to the Zombies as a Girly Fan Mob Hunting Justin Bieber. At least try to read the Post with a different tone.

You’re not nice.

And I never bomb anyone’s efforts without trying to get them to better themselves in their works.

Ya, next to being pulled under water by a zombie you can’t see… gah. My next pose perhaps…

Freaky, nice depth of field.
Also this is right up there on my list along with death by nail gun and being garroted.

Wow 10 artisitc’s maybe an all time high for me, thanks guys.

Ya, most of my big death scares are via zombies… although falling into a lava like in Dantes Peak… where the guy tries to make a jump for it but doesn’t make it and slowly melts… and then falls face first shudders

I’ve always wanted to simulate a zombie apocalypse and see how my body/mind can survive.
Like a virtual reality game, that would be cool. That way you could see how you can survive in such event without one actually taking place!

Don’t worry, I am sure one will come sooner or later.

Like left 4 dead but instead, replace the characters with you and have all your attributes, skills etc.
Just wait.

I would be doomed…

2124 Here we come!

Fixed that one up for ya buddy.

yeah uhh i couldn’t tell that you were trying to point that out at all

“such fans” was interpreted by all of us as an insult to the OP just because we’re all a bunch of zombie-loving gamers. you can’t expect to justify two different meanings to multiple users and not have them take it the wrong way. it’s your fault you worded it badly; we’re nice if you’re nice to us. well, not really, but you get the point.

This is good work. Art you shall have. Zombies looks awesome. Where are they from?

They are from NecropolisRP. Auto downloaded via the game downloader, but I am sure if you search Rick Dark or NecropolisRP in you will find them.

The hands are kind of ugly, but you can hide them in ways like I have here.

it would be awesomer if you would have put the survivor’s hands in front of the screen

I did that, but the thing is, because the image is so close in, his arm covered almost a quarter of the screen and screwed up where your eyes focused, so I just removed it.