The Last Two Fighters

Bonus Crap :

Archers :
Why the archers aren’t getting fucked up :

Pretty nice, the blood is a bit solid looking, but the posing is awesome.

Depth and field and lighting are good.
Posing is a bit iffy.
Blood looks very solid.

what is it about the blood that makes it look too solid?
I’m not making it transparent because it looks terrible that way.

Its a bit too one-colored in my opinion.

That one templar model looks like a leak from the beta AOC.

Dude that’s pretty cool :slight_smile:

Good lights and DoF(As Chesty said).

Posing seems stiff, but the blurred guy on the back looks cool.
Blood is good but kinda solid as stated.

Reminds me alot of Mount & Blade. Fucking epic game.

I agree with the above statement.