The last wanderer.

  • Ragdoll was shit hard to pose.
    Last pose for a while.

Why is he the last one?

Also, if it’s shit to pose, just replace the phy.


Nice posing btw.


Something about the posing looks off, still looks nice though.

Awesome prop placement! Aside from some clipping issues with the weapon, really good job. Have a dirty wooden piece.

Really neat, looks like fallout, makes me want to play fallout.

what happened to combine overwatch being last screenshot?

nice posing and picture, the atmosphere is great

^ Well my friend portet some models, so he wanted me to test them, etc.
Thanks for the comments everyone.

Very nice fairy. The prop placement was spot on, as well as the pose itself.

Posing seems solid, angle is good, and I’m assuming that it’s a scenebuild, so that looks good as well. Good job overall pal :buddy:.

Metro2033 gasmask looks good on stalker suit.

I lol’d at the dead guy still wearing a helmet. The prop placement is great too. It makes me sad we still don’t have Metro 2033 ragdolls.

^ Yeah. I love the game looks. Infact I love the game, it’s just so damn short, and so limited for freedom. Yet I’m not sure if I’d want to walk down in the tunnels alone, having no idea where I’m going.

Anyways thanks for the comments all.

The scene looks absolutely great; real grimey, gritty, and rusted looking. The character, though, has some issues with his posing. His knees for starters are bending too much, and his torso is leaning forward to take the strain off of them and balance out everything.