The last zombie.

Blood and smoke test :v:

Rate please. :3

That shell looks kinda huge.

the blood doesn’t fit in

The pose and editing are ok. Good work.

But the gunshot looks odd in some ways :

Since it’s an insta-picture, smoke shoudn’t appear, also, it looks like the shell is popping from nowhere.

An insta-picture should show something like this :

Ok for the shell, but this gun haven’t bodygroup :confused:

I’m not a gun expert or anything, but I think that bullet is a pretty high caliber for a handgun. Besides that, I like the pic

I like it but the bullet is too large for G17 C or something. It is good posing by the way.

Poor pilot zombie, he was the greatest mindless mind of his generation.

Next time, have the blood shoot out sharply and add a slight blur.

The zombies pose is all “haters gonna hate”

The processing is really nice, not too much fov and the film grain is awesome.