The layers tool.

I’ve got a very interesting idea,that can help in building!
So look-your contraptionis broken a bit - one detail has fallen out of it,it was not welded and no-collided,so you are unable to restore it in easy way.The problem solver of this type will be the layers tool!
It “sends” the selected props to the needed layer(it is in the option menu),making it no-collided to all other props!
So the tool menu should look like this:

  1. number of the layer(1-10).
    the props will be sent to this layer,letting them to collide only with themselves,ignoring anything else.
    2.collide with player yes/no.
    this can help in making some “ghost” contraptions.
    3.share with layer(1-10)
    this lets the props to collide only with another layer and themselves.
    4.collide with map yes/no.

I,hope,that someone will release it,PM me if you wona try to make it.

easy precision?

easy precision cant do that.
if you mean parenting-it just disables the prop’s fisics.