The Leap Of Faith.

As the title suggests.

I exected this shit comic. Leap of Faith in space or whatever the faggot calls it.
Excelent posing my friend. No flaws.

Thanks Comby:smile:

That is one awesome back flipping.

Jolly good fun

Nice to see decent poses with Faith - there were a bunch when the model came out initially, then they sort of faded away. What’s the map, btw?

Why is she smiling so much? :raise:

This map


She is enjoying the chase.

Makes her look really hurp-derp.

And how the hell did she survive that drop?

I did overdo it I admit. But she is Faith. She is supposed to survive stuff like this.

Really nice posing on all of them except the first one.

Thanks for making my posing look bad. :saddowns:

Would’ve been funnier if she landed on someone, or something and no I do not mean by something as in a dildo, you sick freaks.

I apologize, but you are to blame for this:smile:

You said in your thread that she couldn’t be face posed so I had to check, and since I was in this map I thought why not.

How did YOU face pose her? Wouldn’t work for me. :saddowns:

The normal way. This is what I used
Perhaps you have a version with no face pose. Don’t know how many models there are of her out there.