The Left 4 Dead 2 crew doing what they do best

Gotta love 'em models.

I think the very right survivior is too highlighted.

A white suit can sure do that.

That’s from the light that the muzzle flash is making. (yeah I know that silenced weapons don’t make muzzle flashes, but how else am I supposed to indicate shooting?)

Rochelle: I’m sorry but you don’t have ticket. Please stand behind the line.

I can’t open the .NCF with GCFscape.

Wrong thread much?

Posing on the girl and the black guy could be better. They don’t seem like they care at all.

Where did you get that model?

Its from Left 4 Dead 2 mate!

Maybe a muzzleflash?
Even a muzzleflash would not create such kind of light source. (I mean to bright his whole body).

Nevertheless, the posing is fine in my eyes.

This is a pretty good shot, IMO.

Several things about it.

Overall the posing was pretty good.

Loved the lighting and other effects.

However, I think the image would be better if all four of the models were facing in different directions.

I also can’t help thinking another shot from above might be cool.

Looks pretty cool bro, but the flashlight on the mac-10 looks like its just pasted there, can be the lighting.

Where in God’s Good Name did you get those models?!?!?!


You work for Valve, don’t you!?!? gives evil stare

I have L4D2 models in GMOD too. :smiley:

Kill all sons-a-bitches

Where did you get them? Did Garry update it? Gone 3 days and I have no clue. :ohdear:

The people that preordered L4D2 got the game now and they already got the models in GMOD.

FUUUUUUCK! Why didn’t I pre-order for the PC?!?

You can get them without buying or preordering the game. I haven’t preorder it from Steam and we have NON-WAREZ way to do it. Use SmartFTP to download this.
Look up there:

the demo! The demo!