The Left 4 Dead crew see something unexpected.

Behold. Two light bulbs, one lamp, Photoshop and a d'awww idea.

Finger posing kept bugging out for some reason. Took some time to get it right.

Well, at least it’s not something gay again.

i hate zombie love

You are thinking creepy thoughts. A tiny spec of humanity left makes them attempt to comfort each other.

ahaha i lol’d
would’ve been better if they fucked each other

It would have been better if one was Bill and the other Coach.

Heh. :v:

Those old horny bastards have to wait before making out again.

Im so stealing this idea

Help your self Comby:biggrin:

If Dems did this idea, he would make two zombies made from gibs kissing without their jaws.

Louis looks almost fascinated by it. :ohdear:

I like the posing on the survivors, nice picture.

tsk tsk. Such a sleazy mind





I just noticed how the dick isn’t censored.

Ryu-gi faps to this and so do I

Ah I didn’t see it.

But Ryu-Gi is permanent banned!