The Left 5 Dead Gang Waits for the Train

Just some posing I wanted to try out. Just to see how thing turn out. :slight_smile:
C&C is appreciated.

L5D doesn’t sound right.


looks like Luis is running late for something.

Wait, Francis isnt waiting for the train…
He just followed Zoey there and tries to get her his girlfriend.

“Francis, did you cut the phone cord again!?”
“What can I say? I hate payphones.”

I like it, but Francis looks like he is leaning to much to the side. Could use some better lightening to.

Does Zoey expect working phones in a zombie apocalyptic world:)
What is Louis waiting for? The train?
And does Bill try to dislodge the cigarette that has been stuck there since the game came out?


He’s late for his daily Ibuprofen prescriptions.

I guess you are right. Should have noticed that :slight_smile:

1.Hmmm…hard to answer but I think the correct answer should be NO. But just assume they are not in the apocalypse :slight_smile:
2.YES ( The title speaks for itself )
3.Maybe but what I’m doing here is I’m trying to make him like he’s just about to get started smoking :slight_smile:

Zoey’s evil twin. D:

Whom, even during a zombie apocolypse, has someone to talk to on the phone…


Needs more shadows and editing though, the posing is really good.

“This is a Phone, Francis!”
Good pose

Louis is late, he’s late, late for a very important date.
WAIT! Hes got the intel! GET HIM!

Where do i get that zoey skin from? if your curious which one im looking at im looking at the blonde zoey one

You can get the model here. Second download link works fine.


Its Left 4 Dead for a reason, because they have 4 survivors

If it was gunna be Left 5 Dead it would have to have 5 people.

Love the idea though, keep it up :wink:

There are 5 people in the picture, which I believe was the point.

There are 5 people. Go back to primary school and learn to count :eng101: