The left-handed M4

If you guys have noticed, the M4 in the game is a left handed version, but it’s weird using the right hand as a master hand holding the M4 in the game, I am suggesting that you guys either change the M4 model to a right handed version, or use the left hand as a master hand for the M4.

I’m personally in favor of removing the m4 altogether


It’s an important gun in every survival game

It’s just a few presses of a few buttons, and then all the unbalanced fights caused by the gun is solved.

It’s alpha, there is no balance

M4 to me is a well rounded gun and not OP. Yes it has damage and range but to counter that there is a lot of recoil. To counter these guys you should try getting in close where the mp5 and shotguns rule.

In medium- to long range, the M4 is superior, and enough to pick everyone off, because people usually fight around this range.

The gun is OP compared to all the other ones out there, especially compared to the mid-tier guns.

I like the M4, but it’s WAAAAY too easy to get. Make it rare :slight_smile:

Get rid of that trailer trash gun. REAL MEN USE KNIVES!! :wink:

They will remove m4 from the completed game.