The Legend of Fastdonkeynads

Update 10/27: Re-added All videos in order

I’ve been documenting my unintentionally hilarious friend in secret, while covering the development days of Rust. This is the legend of Fastdonkeynads:

REC 09/24:

**REC 09/25:**
**REC 10/01:**
**REC 10/06:**
**REC 10/07:**

REC 10/15:

The Legend is complete:

Discovery UNCUT:

was… that suicidal rock clipper guy speedhacking?

Really interesting video editing. Looks like you guys had good fun though.

Next ones up. (2)

Content bump. (3)

Can’t believe how many threads about unplayable game. I think even the broken things are great and will miss them when they’re gone.

Birthed another one of these savage fucks (4).

you should probably post the new videos in the new comment rather than editing the top one. i thought you were just pointlessly bumping until i looked at the edited OP; others are probably missing your vids.

Yeah you’re right. I half-ass fixed it kinda.

Also next one’s up (5).

Wanna have six with me? (6).

Thanks to everyone for their support…

The Legend is complete:

Thanks for putting up with me everyone. Well not you, Unemphatic.

omg so funny… he didnt even no

I enjoyed the videos.
You should edit the OP to have all the old ones in again.

Featured!!! <3 Awwww you guys are peach-like.