the legend of zelda: why can't I hold all this bottles

Allright, at last I decided to post something in here. I hope everything is in order… if there is something that doesn’t work just tell and I’ll try to fix it as soon as I can.

The legend of zelda bodygrouped bottles

model: ren128
textures: ren128, Sparkwire (glass from the aqua regia model), stock images, valve
	thanks to sarinilli for providing the hylian font:
compilation: ren128

If you want to reupload it elsewhere please include this readme. And about using it on packs... 
as long you include this credits I'm fine with it.

the legend of zelda © nintendo

download it from here:

More to come boys! Say: item, shield or sword? because next thing I’ll compile will be one of those.

Thanks man, This could come in handy…

Nice job on the model and texture.

Nice models
I hope your going to do items next

sure :wink: I’ll post the w.i.p.'s here

Is there piss?

I ain’t downloading if their ain’t a bottle of piss i can lob at people.

Since I used most of the parameters from the jarate VTM for the lamp oil you can alwas consider that.