The Less The Better.

I Just want to make something clear Im playing Since you added the Zombies everything you made was cool in someways.
Today were looking on an New Rust. Nice Graphics cool Ideas and More Improvements

But there is ONE Thing that pisses the hell out of me.

I Hate the amount of Resources that you get if you punch on a woodpile
after an half an Hour youre carrying like 25000 wood with 8000 Cloth.
I still like Rust but i rather you should return back to the small amounts of gather and cost.

Its Far better then this my Oppinion

i agree. i would prefer smaller amounts of res in general, both for crafting costs and harvesting. it feels strange to use 200 wood and 100 stones to make a stone hatchet that aesthetically is a stick with a big rock on it… almost as strange as getting 1000 wood from a single tree.

i figure this may be balanced in the future, but yeah…would definately feel more natural.

I’m fairly certain Garry said somewhere that the resource numbers were intentional in order to encourage people to build crazy big structures. Considering they just ported over to unity 5 and had their collider limit removed, it’s not exactly illogical to want to see what happens when the server fills up with lots of buildings.

So in other words, I wouldn’t worry about it so much yet, the numbers will most likely change over time.


"We’ve been thinking about this for a while, and this week we made the change. I mentioned earlier that it costs 500 wood to build a foundation. In the old system that probably seems like a lot. But you now get 1000 wood from a single tree.

This is a change that we’re going to be applying to pretty much all the resources. This allows us to be more granular with things like resource gathering. So we can make it so that hitting a tree with a Rock will get 10 wood at a time, or hitting with an Axe will get 50 wood at a time. Or when demolishing a frame that cost 10 wood to erect, you might get 9 wood back. This kind of stuff is obviously unworkable if a frame cost 1 wood to erect.

Basically don’t worry about the big numbers, everything balances out. You can imagine it as being the same with decimal points."

I think the more is better, considering how easy it is for your base to get raided by anyone with a rock or hatchet, I expect to do alot more farming than before.

do you think that applies for ever its possible because we have no other options to break in atm.
Youre right its easier to defend youreself with very much wood at the time.
But when something like C4 or dynamite is in i dont want so see people building alone an 5x5 in a Hour

The Cost and the Gather are broken for me because of those unrealistic amounts.

did you even read what I posted?

garry made up the amounts in legacy anyways, so how is a made up amount of resources unrealistic now that he increased it to basically future proof the game.

with the larger amounts you can have a greater variety of blueprints and stuff.

You have this weird idea that an alpha is meant to be played like a normal game…
It’s meant to test things… find bugs… break things… not play the game, and expect realism… let alone a polished game.

+1, was able to get a fully secure level 6 2x2 up in about 15 minutes.

I don’t think this is how it should be.

this may be for two reasons:
A) is required as players experimental, and find limitess erroes game, so if you give us resources to seer for that reason.
If this is the case I totally agree with the bulk.
"This is a Change that we’re going to be Applying to pretty much all the resources. This Allows us to be more granular with things like resource gathering. So we can make it So THAT hitting a tree with a Rock will get 10 wood at a time, or hitting with An Axe will get 50 wood at a time. demolishing or When a frame That cost to erect 10 wood, wood you might get back in September. This kind of stuff is obviously unworkable if a wood frame to cost one erect. "
I do not like because I really out of the game imersion think I have to collect 2000 rocks and move back to my base running -_- 'and all in 30 min.

All in all I’m waiting for a balance in resources, when they decide to test the loading of the characters and their backpacks.

I understand that garry increased the digits to reflect more realistic material numbers, but i disagree with you that this is meant to stay. Currently you get 1000 ore from one deposit, which is more than enough to get yourself a full set of gear, a gun, and some ammo. All of that from literally one node on the map. Can you imagine what would happen if they added even 20% more nodes?

The tree numbers most likely won’t change especially if they’re normalizing values across all other sources, but they could at least increase the amount needed for your base to upgrade or something to balance the time required to farm your base resources.

this sounds like a lot of math,

I feel like even though the map is randomly generated, the seed can be set by the server owner.

Say he wants a desert storm type server with a few oasis spread out over vast expanses of tundra or desert and only a few mountains or bodies of fresh water. Resources might be scarce and people would be forced to team up. He should be able to set that type of map.

Or obviously, flip side, the server owner could make his map a bit larger than others, make it totally forested, with lots of hills and plains and quarries (seen a lot of quarry formations in the new rust, wonder what that means :tinfoil:) with resources abound. This encourages lots of individual start ups, and a lot of smaller conflicts between neighbors and rivals across the map.

Agreed, smaller numbers not only more practical but more simple to figure out for us not so math inclined.

for me its a matter of aesthetic believability. if a hatchet looks like a stick with a rock on it, why am i needing to chop 200 bits of wood off a tree, and 100 rocks off a boulder to make it? and why do i need to use 100 bits of wood to make a single piece of paper to draw a plan on.

the one that makes the most sense is the amount of cloth needed to make a sleeping bag.

i just think it would make it more believable to reduce the yield and costs, even as an eventual thing.

the idea is you’re using an amount of a resource, it doesn’t need to be 200 wood blocks, it could be 200 cubic centimeters of wood, for example

-bad reading, feedback not relevant-

i get that, but its a bit like the difference between a car with a 45L fuel tank and a 45,000ml/cc fuel tank. technically they are the same, but it feels very unnatural to use a small denomination for such a large figure.

it’s very clear that no one is reading the devblog I linked which clearly states why it was done…

can anyone even see what i’m posting?

did you hear something?:wink: