The Life of a Sentry

Be gentle please, this is my first comic!

Also, sincere apologies for the size of it.

:frown: Thats sad…

But the editing is nice and I like the idea. Here, have a piece of wood with colors on it.


Sad. :<
Rated heart.

The red sentry looks :downs: in the last panel, I don’t know why, haha.

Nice comic, so sad though :love:

Haha, he does actually look rather dopey, also thanks for the reply ! Moral +1 :c00l:


My only problem was that the colors should be reversed. The male gun should have the blue text and the red turret should have the red text, since that’s a more general conception of their genders.

Other than that, I thought it was great. I lol’d when I was reading it.

I mean the artistic rating.

Ah, thanks for clearing that up! :smiley:


Glad to see you enjoyed it! And I didn’t really think that deeply about the genders to be quite honest with you, but you do have a fair point… Maybe a sequel?

Poor sentry:frown:

Fine, make it a box then…

:suicide: Sapped

I like it. Have a palette.



The link is down.


A touching story.