The Life of John Walker [Interactive]

(This is a interactive remake of a previous comic series I did titled “John.”. Since I have other comics to work on, it’ll probably be long between posts, but I’ll try to make this as amusing as possible.)

** You are John Walker, a 28-year-old bar owner who is shy, cynical, and down-on-his-luck. You live in a apartment above a bar on a small island. You are sitting on your couch and watching TV**

I don’t mean to be rude, but we have **way ** too many interactive comics.

Thankfully a lot of them are inactive as their creators forget about them, like I did.

Well I won’t so just post your responses

Drink and get laid!

Masturbate to lots of adult programs on tv.

Starve to death, and pimp the afterlife.

** You suddenly get the idea that you want to drink beer and then get laid.**

** You decide to grab a beer from you beer vending machine.**

** On the bad side, your machines all out.**

** What a shame. Well, guess their goes you plans.**

Home-Brew beer.

Go on an epic quest to find beer.

Call it…



Call it no more beer, get sued by madmanmad for copyright infringement.

See, where I believe interactive comics fail is the fact that there is absolutely nothing planned for them. Like right now, you have a generic [male_07] character, named John, and who does nothing. I get the idea that the viewer is supposed to choose what he does, and that’s all fine and dandy; but the question is where the hell will it lead? What’s the purpose? There’s no mission, no plot, just a reason for people to blubber annoying and rediculous options.

When people do have a ‘plot’ (for the lack of a more appropriate term to describe the vague nature of interactive comics) they over shadow it with rediculous concepts and the continual desire for the protagonist to blow things up and shoot people.

An interactive comic needs a pre-planned idea, the interactive aspect will come into place when you decide the consequences and advantages of the choices made. That’s what interactive games (since it’s obvious that interactive comics are based off them) do. The idea is that it’s up to your choices to define what happens; whether or not the character succeeds, fails; suffers, or pospers.

I’m not going to TL;DR this. Either you read it and learn from it or you continue making lifeless and meaningless interactive comics.

I don’t mean to direct this at you, but at all interactive comics makers. Interactive comics die because they have nothing going for them. I believe I have only seen one semi-entertaining one, and that’s about it. The concept of an interactive comic being quick is great and all; but that does not mean it has to lack a good, engaging plot that makes the reader want the character to go on.

The above has comments about interactive comics may suggest that I am demanding a serious interactive comic, but this is not the case. The same goes for a comedic interactive comic. The character can have a mission to get the girl of his dreams or on a journey to do something, but along the way crazy things happen where they must make choices that define the outcome of they’re journey.

:golfclap: Said what I’ve been thinking of for a while.

If you read the original John, there is a story ( I was going to make a cutscene after about two more posts.) The story is that a man named John goes to his best friend Joe’s house where he reveals a plan to take back the island. So he does this by killing a cop and taking his gun. When they start to build up forces, they are captured and sent away where John and Joe are seperated. John then breaks out, and begins searching for Joe.

Also, this comic WILL get better. I plan to do inventory, battle and all that. I’m just staring off. But it will get better, this is not like those other ones.

** You suddenly realize that there’s a bar right below you where home-brewed beer is.**

** But it appears your door is locked.**

** There must be a key somewhere here (How else would you get in?). But where do you search for it? **

Jump out the window to escape. Then you can go to the bar.

^ He’s banned :dance:



Check your pockets, there’s OBVIOUSLY the key in them.


He’ll read our suggestions when he’s unbanned.


Ram head first into the window and go to the bar and fuck bitches.

There are safes behind the pictures on the walls, the key is under the bed and a code/numbr/tip is on the wall behidn the shelves, the plasma will tell us some shit if turned in and the coach suddenly disspeared, lol.

it is all the same shit :smiley: