The lightfall

"…for most people,for those who trusted in science that wasn’t able to save them, it was just a ionization of air in a minute before the end. But some have thought that it was all souls of gone people, drifting in the last breath of the world,before it disappeared in the shining of collision"


This is beautiful.
If the world ends I want it to end like this.
Good work man.

Now that’s a stitch.

I was like, okay what is a bench doing there? Then I scroll over and I see someone choking!!!

( still a beautiful pose)

Nice scene.

Damn, Titanic theme on the piano goes with anything

Now that’s awesome.
I don’t remember seeing those birches in any of Half-Life games.

Can’t stop playing it. It’s great for improvisation, so you can play it for hours, just change the tonality and the sense of repeat will never come

Could you make this 1024x768? I want this as my wallpaper.

well, you can cut the part you need and then resize.
It’s the only way I see

I don’t understand

You know it’s good if i’m fapping to it.

I was kind of scared to scroll to the right because I thought something scary was hiding behind it.
It is beautiful.

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Also where can I find that car model?