The "limits of the map" problem

Im not verry regular in the forums so i dont know if there is a post like this (searched it but didnt find anything)

I was a big fan of Gmod back when gmod10 first came out. But later on i just stoped playing so much becaouse i ran out of things to do (many will say thats impossible and i agree) and i was to lazy to learn to code in wire-e2. One of the reasons that made me stop playing so much was the fact that the maps are verry limited in size. And so me the plane and helicopter lover didnt have the space to… Spread my wings. Same goes for the Spacebuild Gamemode. You make a nice giant ship and bam it hits the end of the map in 3 sec. So my idea was - Obviously we cant make the maps bigger becaouse of engine restrictions, but cant we make everythyng smaller ?

The idea is simple make (some) props and the player(and everything that goes with him) 1/10 their current size wich will seem like the map is 10 times bigger. And of course since we change the size the physics will need some tweeking so that they “feel” the way they should. And with all these things comes alot of other sutuff that i wont be able to write them all.

So the question is - Can this be done at all?
2nd Q - Can it be a gamemode ?

(I talk to much)

I think it’s possible

It’s possible but will be buggy/take a very long time to work 100%. I suggest you just limit your thruster to 100 thrust to make your ship go 100x slower, to make the map seem 100x bigger!

I like this miniaturisation idea.

I have tryed that, but im to big to build a small ship, and no noclip just dosent help. And there’s the problem with the physics at that scale they just dont feel right.

If anyone has the coding knolage to make a gamemode like this please be free to use my idea !

Everything would have to be smaller, I’m pretty sure it’s possible, but like said before, it will require some time to make props smaller…

You could scale them with lua. I might make this for you once i get a chance. As for the physics that would take a bit of time.

If you scale a player down with lua the hitboxes will be way off IIRC

Not to mention the resolution looking absolutely terrible D:

Good idea, but Source is far too old. Needs re-vamping imo.

Actually, someone tried this. Back when Spacebuild was just taking off, someone made a miniature model pack, and special maps which had tweaked physics. Everything was smaller, so the world seemed bigger.

It never caught on for some reason. I’ll try to find a link.

A bit of experimenting i got this

Still messing with getting the eye angle right(gimp cut off the g)

You guys are awsome. I had this idea for so long and im glad theres ppl who can make it true :slight_smile:
And i think that its not needed to resize current props but just to use new small ones or just regular small ones.

Isn’t this just what they did with the Sunrise gamemode?

not sure could have been that sunrise just used real small models

Lol you are right this is exactly the spaceship battles i was trying to get with all this work, but the point is that we should be able to build giant towers and buildings and stuff, not just spaceship battles.

ive had this idea too and if someone was really dedicated it could totally be done! Its not impossible!

The pics above show some progress. My suggestion for fixing the cross hair is to just draw your own based of the hitPos of the players eyeTrace. That would show exactly where they are aiming.

This has been tried. Repeatedly. Everyone else has failed, but that’s not to say it’s impossible. With some of the new modules it’s certainly possible, you just have to be smart about it.

It’s been tried, not everyone failed, there’s just 1 or 2 bugs that need to be fixed like the crouching when miniaturized and some models don’t like it. I’d hardly call it failing.

I only say they’ve failed because I haven’t seen any actual full releases of a scaling-down mod. There are certainly player-scalers, but prop scaling has generally shown itself to be much more of a problem, that I haven’t seen anyone fully solve. gm_queryphys seems to do it somewhat, but without clientside prediction it’s a bit impractical.