The Liquid Game community and its many servers

Hi guys, I thought I would introduce our community here, since you’re all probably tired of the rp server advertisements :v:.
Although we have a small member count (it’s nice to keep the community closely-knit), we have a vast amount of servers and exclusive game-modes, and on top of that a great admin team.

Now I’m not going to write a long introduction that none of you will read, so lets get to the point.

Our Servers

Serious Build:
Does what it says on the box, a nice serious build server that you can create contraptions on without being hassled by griefers.

Terrorist Town
Our Terrorist Town server, try and survive the sneaky traitors, and generally have fun!
We have added our custom map voting system to the server, so you can actually choose the map instead of it being randomly selected.

Pirate Ship Wars - Enhanced
You may have heard of this, this is the completely remade version of the original psw and it is exclusive to us, you could also call it psw 2.0 if need be. In this game-mode you battle the opposing team on destructible pirate ships with cannons and muskets!

Here’s a (old) gameplay video:

Gamemodes in development:

Universe RP
You may have heard of Sunrise: A New Era, well this is the newest incarnation of it(made by the same developers). In this gamemode the gameplay is similar to EVE, you can mine, battle out with other players, fight pirates etc. This has many additional features compared to A New Era, including missions and much more! Don’t get this confused with Sunrise: Outer Edge, as the dev’s behind that stole A New Era and unlocked a few locked features. Expect the server to be opened within a few weeks.
If you want to test out the gamemode, feel free to contact me by pm or just post in this thread.

Flood Teams
I can’t say much about this gamemode for now. It is basically a version of flood where there is two teams, instead of having to fend for yourself. It also has many other additional features.

We are also planning happening a few more servers, so suggestions are welcome on what gamemode to put on them.
Feel free to join our forums and check out our website:

Anyway thanks guys, and give me any opinions and suggestions!

Quality servers. Good ‘leader’. It’s a shame that the community hasn’t got more players.

At least it isn’t PB eh B-hazard :v:

Might drop by if I can be arsed, GMod hasn’t really done a thing for me recently.

I quit pb when Slob went insane :v:

Does anyone want to test out universe rp? If you do, send me a message.

Oh hey Biohazard. I played with you yesterday on the serious build server. My name was Wooterz?

Wazzup :v:

Yeah… slob