The List of Shame. (Posting "Ban This Player" Megathread)

Have trouble with mingebags? Wanna fuck em’ in the ass by getting some server admins to restrict them from their servers? This is the forum for you. If you’ve found someone you believe to be a complete mingey jackass who may cause harm to other servers post the following information…

SN(Steam Name):
SID(Steam ID):
Visual Evidence: (Text Evidence won’t fly well.)
Did You Provoke Them?:
Notes of Damage He/She Caused:

Please keep it clean.

**Example of Bad Replies:


Needs to be stickied

This should be sticked but probably after a couple people actually post minges’ information before banning them

SN(Steam Name): Alteran Ancient
SID(Steam ID): Unknown
Visual Evidence: All servers met with “H@xed by Alteran Ancient, Have a nice day” and crashed GMOD for any players.
Did You Provoke Them?: No.
Notes of Damage He/She Caused: Hacked our server network.

that i don’t believe

You have got to be kidding…

You’d expect System Admins to ban people on text and the word of others alone?

This thread is pointless.

Public banlists suck because of:
“Hey add (SteamID) because I don’t like him - I mean, because he crashed my server.”

SN(Steam Name): Chrisssss
SID(Steam ID): Unknown
Visual Evidence: Hacks servers
Did You Provoke Them?: Nope
Notes of Damage He/She Caused: Crash servers, Hack servers, ban server owners/admins/players, spam effects, passwording servers he doesn’t even own.

This is why we have SteamBans.

These threads are always created by ten year olds and are always fucking pointless.

These kind of posts are made by those who actually troll ,and don’t wish too get restricted for acts on other servers.

How can you prove that said hacker has done anything?
You are going to add the person to a public banlist based on something someone else said?
If so, I could just do this:
SN(Steam Name): Random Guy
SID(Steam ID): STEAM_0:0:00000
Visual Evidence: He banned me on his server… I mean, he crashes 10 servers per minute
Did You Provoke Them?: nope
Notes of Damage He/She Caused: horrible horrible damage!!!1111one

Yeah. Point proven? I agree that there should be a public banlist, but not one based on a user’s word alone.

I don’t give two shits about hackers to say the least… Just people who crash gmod servers for fun. If people can get visuals/images then post it here we can have hopes we save a few servers from dipshits.

I meant hackers as in server hackers. A person who crashes a server is a hacker… lol
I see what you mean about “visuals”… that could make sense. but how could a screenshot prove anything? First, it can be faked, second, if its real, how can it capture evidence of a crashing?
I’d think you would need a video or something… showing him coming on, saying “Hacked By Me” or whatever, and then the server crashing.
But that’s just my guess.
If you where able to completely fool-prof this, I’d like to use your banlist on my server. I already have a global banlist set up, I’d like to have another…

You are stupid.

Thank you. Mind telling me why instead of just being a troll?

A person who crashes a server is a hacker… lol

Thats why.


Definition of hacker:

Okay… if you want to be technical… whatever. I’ll say a Server Crasher.
I know what a “Hacker” is. I wasn’t being technical, but whatever… apparently non-technicality doesn’t go well here… o_o

it’s also different of how to use props to crash a server, or code