The Locked Box 2 [New / Friendy] / net.connect

Join us in game by pressing F1, then copy and paste this (without quotes) โ€œnet.connectโ€
then hit enter.

PVP is enabled, but we are trying to keep it only for Air Drops. We would like to keep it as friendly as possible (No Kill on site, Griefing etc)

Server is currently located in Montreal Quebec, Pings for me on the East Coast are between 60 -70.

We are brand new, so lots of resources. Come check it out and get started before it fills up :slight_smile:


[editline]26th December 2013[/editline]

Please Note that we had to change the server name.

Server name is now Northern RUST [New/Friendly] - Same IP

Sorry for any inconvenience

Is this an HFB Server?