The Locked Box [East][Friendly] Brand New server, fair game play.

The Locked Box [East][Friendly]

Easy connect
PRESS F1 - net.connect (WIPED 2/6)



Server mentions (Server of the week) (#1 Rust server) (Site has the wrong IP listed -

Admin background

The reason this server got set-up was due to several servers having admin abuse. This server does not have any childish admins that will spawn / cheat their way into beating you and your friends over a well constructed / well formatted team. Spending your time here will not be ruined by someone with powers, guaranteed.

You won’t have to worry about pay-2-win donation rewards. There will never be any sort of “give donations, free loot” model, ever.

Locked Box Community

The community is based off a friendly / build environment, however all the settings will stay on vanilla (sleepers, PVP). Most of the players on this server do not open fire upon the nudes, however I can not speak for everyone - I am just saying the majority.

There are only two admins on this server (including myself) who are available ALMOST 24/7 - through PM’s / text messages / steam / frequently checking logs, making sure the server is up and functioning. (constant server restarts for game updates, on the ball with that)

**Future development **

There will be a future website, voice communication server, and events / giveaways (steam giveaways) …


(made a quick forum due to the high demand of a website, still working on a full webpage)
Come check it out, brand new, friendly, and welcoming!

Hey, I play on this server.

Expect minimal admin interference and a good number of friendly players in a pvp environment.

There will be a website that will let you claim your status / register your name with the population on the server - get a feel for who is friendly/unfriendly/what group their apart of.

It is just an idea to get a list of frequent players and form some sort of a identification system. I’m sure there will be revisions for this system, so any suggestions would help!

Thanks, the URL will be posted when available.

Moved to this server after witnessing overt admin abuse on another. The admin or someone that can help with a problem is usually available and the community is for the most part rather friendly. The social dynamic is nice and there’s a sweet town they call Woodbury near one of the spawns.

Great server to start fresh or re-roll on. Very social, decent factions being created, and generally friendly players. Lots of voice chatting and helping one another, but there is always the greedy mugs on the server!

Worth playing on.

I would definetly recommend this server to anybody who is looking for a good rust experience. For the most part you won’t get shot on site, and you have the ability to get the rust experience everybody wants. Although there is still muggers out and about, So it still has the feeling of suspence. Moved here after a good case of admin abuse on my other main server. Admins here are mature adults who do not abuse any type of power they may have.

Drinky Crow, inhuman, and I believe Chet are raiders who live in a compound southwest of the southwest radtown.

We are actually in the process of creating a web based reputation system for our users. It’s great that you reported that because within our website you will be able to rate/comment on specific users within the website. This will take some time, but expect it to come.

How is your experience within the server if you don’t mind me asking?

Server is good. I think the server is a great balance, a lot of friendly people

I play on this server as well, and it’s great! Most people are friendly, with just a few raiders which just spices things up a bit. Hope to see you all ingame!

ps: I’ve run into Inhuman a few times and never had a problem with him.

I didn’t have a problem with him either until today, but his brother has shot up a few people for no reason, and I know that Drinky Crow has gotten in a few fights. Today inhuman was trying to say that he wasn’t a raider, he just shares a base with a raider and shoots at people who try to get their stuff back from the raider he shares a base with, it’s silly shit.

So. A few friend and I moved to this server to get away from the cycle we have been in of “spend a few hours gathering, build a base, get c4’d within the first day and lose everything.”

Unfortunately it happened again on this server. We are going to try to stick it out, but someone spending the time to break through 3 metal doors and tear down 3 walls in a base that appeared within the last 12 hours seems awfully unfriendly to me. Just saying…

As the server gets more popular there tends to be bad apples in the bunch. We have talked with a group last night about toning it down and letting people enjoy the game, they seemed to have taken the request.

We are getting a faction formed to build up a large city to sort of protect ourselves from these players. If I do get a chance to meet you in game I will escort you to this town! (under development).

This is a good server. But I feel like it’s losing its “friendly” feel. The past 2 nights have been nothing but drama with these “police force” guys and I already lost a few neighbors because of them

Thanks for the feedback. That seems to be the only group of people that causes trouble for people. As mentioned in the post above we spoke with “a group”, which was the “police” group. I’ll have to talk with them again it seems like. I left my area because of this team also - I am much farther away from the towns of people.

All I know is, people are being fake police. Plus server getting wiped today because of patch…Not sure why ppl are crying

ps: we need to get a website for server ^

Sunburn. Could you link to the forums post? I can’t find it.

Thanks man.

Also, I don’t want to be confused with someone complaining about raids and PvP. They are part of the game and if I didn’t want them I would play on a PvE server. But stop blowing up my walls and everything else I have made just to make my experience with the game hell.

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Sanburn, that doesn’t say anything about a server wipe. Just says a patch.

Lol, true. Game has been out for only week. I laughed at this hard

Edit: I would assume life would wipe because game breaking things are harder to craft so unfair advantage.