The Lofty Loft - Grand Daddy of the Man Cave

Does anybody remember this?

I would like to welcome you to his father, THE LOFT APARTMENT

Initially, I planned on releasing this map, but the inevitable happened! :open_mouth:

PakRat doesn’t like Vista, and Vista being the power hungry bitch it is won’t allow me to properly run the batch file, so I can’t compress the map all on it’s own, and believe you me, the folder I modified for this effect is well over 2 gigs, and I swear to go I’m not sifting through 2 gigs of files and textures for a few select files. :frowning: Sorry

Scroll down for a surprise

It’s like sex to my eyes. I want to see it from the outside!

Uh… yea, about that…

Was it necessary to make another thread? You could of posted this in the Map pimpage thread if you wanted comments and stuff.

This was supposed to be released, this is finished
But I had some technical difficulties, I will try and fix it tho

The walls and ceiling (textures) feel a bit out of place on some pictures :confused: (This is just nitpicking)
Overall very nicely done

I love you.

I really dislike the mirror glass pieces on the guard rails. Just looks ugly to me.

I think i may have a solution to your Pakrat problem. If the problem may be that it doesn’t pack all the files then hear me out.

Do the “Auto” packing, save the file. Open the saved file, re-do the “Auto” packing. And so on until you have all the custom content in. This has happened to me on Vista / Windows 7. Just thought I’d give my 2 cents worth.

Pakrat doesn’t open, period, It just shows me a brief image of the CMD prmp window then it closes itself

You sure you opened the right thing?


You can try clicking both the jar file and the bat, either one should work.


Uh, one teeny little thing in the second image:

Shrink that a bit.

If I had a man cave it would not have a fucking mac computer in it.
Or the lamps
Or the vases

Real men don’t use Macs

Everything looks great…apart from the macs.

Make them removeable atleast and you have me sold.

They’re the only computer source I had
And as an added bonus, on the plus side, they’re BREAKABLE!!!
As in pieces… which are ignitable

That’s no man’s cave it has a Macintosh. :gay:

Then make like a storage room of them.

So I heard you hate Macintosh, problem solved