The logic of: "Carrying all guns at once"

"Ooooh…my back…"

I got the idea to start a series of poses that relate to Bean-O’s thread and other ill-conceived military/game things.

Anyhow this relates to the logic of carrying all weapons at once. Fuck knows if anyone could actually manage to carry 8 different guns at once.

suggest some ideas along the lines of this too if you can, much appreciated.

I can’t see an image in the OP.

Oh never mind, nice pic.

How 'bout something related to Rambo’ing.


“Ahg, my back is killing me!”

Your computer fails then.
There’s a terrorist pointing at some dude on the floor.

The terrorist is like
“Hey, are you okay?”

More or less
"haha, serves you right "

“You missed that spot” :downs:

“Rich Folk.”

I’m going to work on The logic of: “dual wielding” and “no scoping” next. I’ll think of one for the Rambo after them :slight_smile: