The lone hunter

In this picture I tried to exspress the feeling of a surviver in a scorched metropolis. As usual, any constructive critisizm and ways I can improve on is appreciated.

So, Jango visits south east london?

I actually like this.
One of the few times I’ve seen a star wars model outside of star wars that doesn’t look out of place.

Ya, pretty much. Had no particular style in mind for the types of buildings and vehicles.

I don’t know if it’s the model, but the anti-aliasing on the pistol looks really jagged. A quick photoshop touch up could smooth that out.

That dust effect looks really flat.

What model is this? Can’t really find it on It looks really neat.

what the shit

this is cool

crank up your anti-aliasing tho

This looks great! No criticism from me, just, perfect!
Same as what Gobo said, first time I’ve seen a star wars model that isn’t out of place.

check the workshop.